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Tarot Readings

“The Tarot is a book, disguised as a pack of cards” “The Tarot then is a symbolic wheel of life” Paul Foster Case


Daylesford Tarot & Healing - Tarot Readings

Are you ready to…

            • Learn more about yourself?
            • Look deeper into your relationships – with others and your self?
            • Explore where you are at in your life and how you got here?
            • Discover where you are headed, based on where you are right now?
            • Open to identifying new possibilities and opportunities in your life?
            • Uncover and manifest your inner gifts, talents and strengths?

Daylesford Tarot and Healing are the oldest of the established Daylesford Tarot readers. We offer Tarot readings from the heart to help you on your path to self-discovery and enhance your personal and spiritual growth.

Our intuitive Tarot readings can be a powerful tool to help you experience insights into your personal & spiritual growth.

We use the Tarot as an interactive, transformational and empowering tool to assist you gain a deeper understanding about any situation, decision, opportunity or challenge that you are experiencing in your life.

Having clearer insight and understanding allows you to make more empowering choices. You are in a better position to identify pathways to follow and actions to take that allow for deep healing and transformation in your life.

Tarot, Palmistry & 7 Ray Card Reading Prices 

 30 min.40 min.50 min.1 hr.1 hr. 15 mins.1 hr. 30 mins.
One person$70.00$80.00$90.00$100.00$120.00$140.00

~ Combination of Tarot & Palmistry available at same prices ~ 

Couples, Family, Group & Distance Tarot Readings
  • Available for Couples (partners, family, friends, co-workers)
  • Available for Groups 3-5 people (partners, family, friends, co-workers)
  • Available as a Distance Session

For 5 or more people, we will consider coming to your accommodation within the Daylesford/Hepburn area.

A small surcharge of $5.00 per person on top of cost of session applies.

Contact us for more information.