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Spiritual Energy Healing

 “Spiritual energy healing restores balance in your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies.”

Would you like to… Daylesford Energy Healing

  • Move from a place of fear, doubt and powerlessness to a place of courage, strength and action?
  • Allow yourself to go beyond limitations and experience expansion?
  • Dissolve your mental and emotional stress and re-connect to your joy and easy flow?
  • Restore your inner harmony, balance and creativity?
  • Transform confusion and illusion into clarity and truth?
  • Release your deep heavy sadness, grief and guilt and enjoy forgiveness, lightness and a sense of freedom?
  • Transform your limiting negative thoughts, beliefs and anger to positivity and hope?

Then book now for one or a series of beautiful and uplifting Spiritual Energy Healing sessions, where you will experience a sense of deep inner peace, lightness and discover what it is like to be aligned with your true inner self, your spirit, from which all true healing comes from.

All healing work will enhance your ascension process, as purifying our selves is an essential part of our ascension to the light journey.

Depending on your needs and preferences, we may incorporate different modalities and energies in your sessions.

We may call upon the deep nurturing embrace of the Great Mother Light, the illuminating and uplifting (ascension) Isis StarLight, the healing Love of Christ/Krishna, the golden Light, Joy and Wisdom of Buddha, the redemptive and forgiveness light of the Grail Light, the transforming and liberating Violet Light and the Angel Healing Light. 

All healing is really about aligning and communing with that part of you which is a but a spark of something greater, call it Spirit, God, The Divine, The Universe, etc. All healing comes from the same source, which is really Love in action, so we will work with you according to your philosophy and beliefs, your preferences and needs.


Spiritual Energy Healing Prices

 1 hr.1 hr. 15 mins.1 hr. 30 mins.1 hr. 45 mins.2 hrs.
One person$100.00$120.00$140.00$160.00$180.00

~ Spiritual Energy Healing can be combined with a Tarot and/or Palmistry at same prices ~

Couples, Family, Group & Distance Healing
  • Available for Couples (partners, family, friends, co-workers)
  • Available for Groups 3-5 people (partners, family, friends, co-workers)
  • Available as a Distance Session

Are you: A couple? Two friends? Two colleagues? Who would like to: Look at an issue between you? Heal an issue between you? Explore the dynamics of your relationship? Cleanse and purify your energy bodies together? Or just curious and for the fun of it?

Then consider having a Couples Healing session together.

As well as one person and couples sessions, Healings can also be done for family and other groups (friends, colleagues, etc.) of 3 to 5. It is a great and uplifting way to clear, heal and harmonise the dynamics between you.

Contact us for more information.