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Quick Aura Cleanse/Tune-up

“It is like having a wonderful and uplifting energy shower or spa!” 

Do you feel:

A sparkling vibrant aura!

  • “Heavy and weighed down?”
  • “Out of sorts, moody or uneasy?”
  • “Out of alignment?”
  • “As if you’re in a dark cloud?”
  • “Like you are attracting negative people & situations in your life?”

Then come and experience an aura cleanse and tune-up!  

 You will feel lighter, more positive, calm and peaceful.

And it only takes 40 minutes!

 “Come out sparkling!”

 What is the aura?

The aura is the subtle energy that surrounds your body. It is a field of energy with many layers, colours and shapes. Your aura is totally unique to you and represents exactly who you are. It reflects the quality or nature of your spiritual (Higher) self, your thoughts, your feelings and the state of your physical body.

How does the aura effect your life?

As the aura is energy or vibration, it is the quality or state of your aura which attracts to you similar energies or vibrations via your experiences, the dynamics and circumstances in your life. Your aura changes depending on the quality of your thoughts, feelings and actions. It is also influenced by the constant exchange of energies that we experience in our daily lives, our interaction with other people, places and events. This is why you may come out of a place, a meeting or a conversation with another person, either feeling good, not so good, or neutral. It all depends on the quality of the energy exchanged.

What disturbs, distorts or weakens our aura?

  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • Negative thoughts
  • Negative feelings
  • Negative habits
  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Poor diet
  • Contact with negative people and/or exposure to negative places and events

Why is it important to cleanse or aura?

The cleaner or purer our aura, the better we will feel! And the more clearer and pure our aura, the more we will tend to attract or encounter more positive people, situations and opportunities in our life. We all understand the importance of good physical hygiene. But we also now need to become more conscious of and practice energy or aura hygiene to keep our auras clean and balanced. Remember, we are a multi-dimensional being, and not just a physical body.

Come and have an Aura Cleanse/Tune-up – an energy spa – and feel the difference!

Quick Aura Cleanse Price

 40 mins.
One person$80.00

Couples, Family, Group & Distance Aura Cleanse/Tune-up
  • Available for Couples (partners, family, friends, co-workers)
  • Available for Groups 3-5 people (partners, family, friends, co-workers)
  • Available as a Distance Session

Are you: A couple? Two friends? Two colleagues?

Who would like to: Raise your vibrations together? Deeply cleanse and align your energy bodies? Lift any "heaviness" within you and between you? Be uplifted and find yourself within a space of inner peace? Or you may be curious and try for just for the fun of it?

Then consider having an Aura Cleanse/Alignment session together!

As well as one person and couples sessions, Aura Cleansing/Tune-up can also be done with family and other groups (friends, colleagues, etc.) of 3 to 5.

It is a gentle and peaceful way to feel energetically lighter, cleansed and aligned individually and as a group.

Contact us for more information.