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Past Life Therapy

“Past Life Therapy can be a powerful spiritual transformational
and deep healing process!”

Have you lived before? Past Life Therapy Regression Daylesford

How are your past lives affecting your current life?

Would you like to get past your past?

Are you now ready to explore how Past Life Therapy can help you to:

  • Resolve any “unfinished business” with someone in your life but you don’t know the what, why, where and when of the origin of this “business”…?
  • Uncover the root cause of a fear, phobia, health issue, repeating limiting pattern, or any other problem or challenge that can’t be connected to any present life event…?
  • Clarify why you may feel an attraction or repulsion to any particular person or persons, situation, period of history, geographic location, interests…?
  • Discover and align with your soul qualities, your life purpose, past abilities and creativity to improve your present and future life…?

What are Past Lives?

Earth is a school. It provides us, as souls, with opportunities to learn – and especially learn to love – to experiment, to create, to grow, mature and evolve as spiritual beings. We do this via successive incarnations or re-embodiments. This the Law of Re-incarnation.

In this process, and over many lifetimes, we progressively learn that we create our reality, our experiences via our thoughts, our feelings and our actions. That is The Law of Karma. And, eventually, after many lessons and trials, we begin to discover that we are in reality totally responsible for everything we experience, our Karma.

As both of these Laws are deeply inter-linked, Past Life Therapy is centered on the Law of Karma and The Law of Re-incarnation – two universal Laws which underline our existence.

Why Past Life Therapy?

Many of our present problems, issues, challenges, and, indeed, our gifts, our talents and the grace we experience may be the result of our thoughts, feelings and actions in past lives.

Our soul retains the experiences of all of our lifetimes and they are contained within our sub-conscious.

And our memory, our interpretation of, our reactions to and our decisions about our past experiences may be the seeds and act as the deep invisible roots to many of the limiting problems and challenges, as well as the grace, gifts and abilities, we experience today.

On one hand, our past emotional wounds, traumas and fears may present themselves in our present life as relationship problems, health concerns, limiting patterns, obsessive behaviours, and other problems, issues and challenges.

On the other hand, we are also graced by the “positive” things in our life because of our experiences – the “good ones” – in the past.

In order to heal our wounds, traumas, fears, relationship problems, health concerns, old limiting patterns, obsessive behaviour we unknowingly or unconsciously repeat the stories, the patterns, the programs in our life, again and again, until we heal and release them.

Past Life Therapy helps us to identify, heal and release our past and our “stuck-ness” in it.

But Past Life Therapy can also be used to strengthen our abilities and gifts, bring forth other innate strengths and abilities, and clarify our life’s purpose. It’s not always about the “bad” things!

How is Past Life Therapy Done?

Firstly we will discuss with you the issues you would like to look into, the “why” you are considering Past Life Therapy. Together with you, we will determine if this is the best modality (sometimes it’s not) to deal with the issue. We will then explain the process, answer your questions and address any concerns you may have.

To gain maximum benefit from the session, we will assist you clarify and determine your intention for your session. What do you want out of your session? (without being too attached to it, as your Higher Self may have other plans for your session!)

You will then be guided into a deep meditative and healing state from where you can safely explore your inner history, your inner landscape, your own experiences, your metaphors and your archetypes. We will help you through your journey without inappropriate leading or imposition from us.

Whatever you experience, see or feel of past life/s or not in your sessions, rest assured, that in the process, in one or more of your energy bodies, some form of deep healing will always take place.

As in all our healings and therapies, we will facilitate your sessions in a caring and sensitive way, always allowing your Higher Self – your true healer and guide, which knows what is best for you – to govern and guide this therapeutic process. 

Is Past Life Therapy something you may be interested in? Want to know more?


Past Life Therapy Prices

 1 hr. 30 mins.1 hr. 45 mins.2 hrs.
One person$140.00$160.00$180.00

Please note that Past Life Therapy is strictly only available as a one-on-one session, face-to-face.
Past Life Therapy is NOT available as couple, group or Distance sessions.