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Healings & Therapies

“Unlock your potential…Experience deep healing…transformation…renewal…”

At Daylesford Tarot and Healing we offer a range of Spiritual Energy Healings and Psycho-     Daylesford Healings & TherapiesSpiritual Therapies to unlock your potential, heal the past and support you on your personal and spiritual journey. These include:

  • Spiritual Energy Healings to clear, sooth and harmonise your mind, heart and body. CLICK HERE
  • Psycho-Spiritual Therapies to transform and transmute your old and limiting beliefs, wounds and patterns. CLICK HERE 
  • Isis StarLight Ascension Healing to strengthen and hasten your ascension process. CLICK HERE
  • Aura Cleanse/Tune-Up to quickly cleanse, align and integrate your aura. You will sparkle and look & feel lighter! CLICK HERE
  • Spiritual Counselling – to clarify issues and challenges and view them from an empowering perspective. CLICK HERE

Why Would You Need Healings & Psycho-spiritual Therapies?

Well, let’s see now… are you stuck in:

  • old beliefs?
  • old patterns?
  • old memories?
  • old wounds? 
  • old ways of being?
  • old ways of thinking?
  • old ways of doing?

That “freeze” and keep you stuck in the past and, on an unconscious level, sabotage your conscious desire and efforts to be free, to move on, to be happy and productive?

That suck all hope of a better life out of you?

Had enough? Craving change? Are you ready for an awakening?

Are you now ready and determined to:

  • Kiss good-by your old, unconscious energetic limiting wounds, blockages, beliefs and patterns?
  • Dissolve your mental, emotional and physical stress?
  • Restore harmony and balance in your energy bodies, creating overall inner peace and well-ness?
  • Enjoy emotional freedom to create, live and enjoy the life you want?
  • Strengthen your alignment with your true inner self – your Higher Self – your true inner teacher and healer?
  • Discover your life’s purpose, and live your life true to your purpose?

Then our healings and psycho-spiritual therapies can support you in your personal and spiritual growth.

You can now choose to let go of your old stories, change your mind and open your heart to realise hope, healing, transformation and deep meaning in your life.

Couples, Family & Group Healing, Therapy and Counselling

As well as one-on-one sessions, Spiritual Energy Healing, Psycho-Spiritual Therapy, Isis StarLight Healing and Counselling & Mentoring are also available for Couples (family, friends, work, colleagues, etc), and Groups of 3 to 5 people (family, friends, work, etc.) who would like to have a healing/therapy/counselling together.

Please note that Past Life Therapy is strictly only available as a one-on-one session. Past Life Therapy is NOT available as a couple, group or as a Distance session.