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Counselling & Mentoring

 Explore the deeper and spiritual meaning of the issues, challenges and opportunities you are facing… 

Make wise choices aligned with your highest good… 

Daylesford Tarot and Healing Spiritual Counselling & Mentoring

Spiritual Counselling and Mentoring

Spiritual Counselling and Mentoring from the heart is available if you are seeking to:

  • Clarify some specific issue you are facing
  • Make a major decision with clarity and an aligned heart and mind
  • Find direction in your life
  • Enhance the harmony of your relationships

Or, you would like to be supported when transitioning into:

  • a new relationship or out of an old one
  • a career move
  • a major project
  • a new and healthier life style, including a spiritual one

Our approach in counselling and mentoring you is based on our belief that in order for you to gain the clarity, find the answers and the direction you seek, you will need to access your inner knowing and wisdom, and be guided by that.

In order to do that, we will encourage and assist you to explore all aspects of your being: Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical as they apply to the issues you are dealing with.

In a safe, caring and confidential space you can be yourself and explore and understand your life from a higher, spiritual and empowering perspective, and to take into account your mental, emotional and physical needs. All in a balanced way.

Rest assured we do not seek to impose our spiritual values or beliefs on to you, but rather to help you find what spirituality means to you and assist you to create strategies to enhance, anchor and apply it into your daily life.

Spiritual Counselling & Mentoring Prices 

 30 min.40 min.50 min.1 hr.1 hr. 15 mins.1 hr. 30 mins.
One person$70.00$80.00$90.00$100.00$120.00$140.00

  • Available for Couples (partners, family, friends, co-workers)
  • Available for Groups 3-5 people (partners, family, friends, co-workers)
  • Available as a Distance Session