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About Us

“A place for insight, healing and transformation”

We established Daylesford Tarot & Healing as a place to help people gain insight into their life issues, challenges and opportunities, heal the past and the present, and for deep transformation, spiritual awakening and support.

 Between us, we have many years experience working with various modalities in a safe, caring, non-judgmental way, always centered on our clients needs.

All sessions are held in the strictest of confidence. 

We are very conscious that we are all different and process things in different ways. As such, we are very mindful and respectful with how we facilitate our readings, healings and therapies. 

We try our best to accept you and meet you where you are rather than impose our view of where you should be or what should happen - although at times we may challenge and nudge you! We strive to ensure that all our healings, therapies and readings are from the heart and governed by your higher self, which knows what is best for you, why and when. Our years of experience and training has confirmed that this is the most sacred, respectful and effective approach in all our work with you, our valued client.

As well as working with visitors to and the locals of Daylesford and surrounding areas, we also conduct distance consultations with interstate and international clients via telephone and skype. 

Dorte and Con

Dorte of Daylesford Tarot and Healing


Dorte combines her clairvoyance and intuitive insights with her deep inner understanding, strengthened with over thirty years of study and practice of the Ageless Wisdom.

She offers caring assistance to people searching for meaning, direction and deep healing in their life via her readings, healings and spiritual therapies.

Dorte’s readings, healings and therapies help to create structure in the psyche that bring clear direction and light into the journey of life.

She combines various healing and therapy modalities with Tarot, Seven Ray Cards, Chiromancy (Palm Reading,) Astrology as well as her natural clairvoyant and intuitive gifts in an inspired way that serve her client's higher needs.


Con of Daylesford tarot and Healing


Con synthesises his many years of spiritual training and self-development, both as a student and teacher of the Ageless Wisdom, with his background in management, education & training, change management, coaching and facilitating in the public, private and non-profit sectors in a unique way.

He brings a sensitive, intuitive, caring and yet challenging approach to his readings, healings & therapies, coaching and training. 

He is passionate and dedicated to assisting clients inspire, transform and evolve themselves using a balanced heart and mind approach. 

Con specialises in Tarot Counselling, Healing and Psycho-Spiritual Therapy, Transformational & Evolutionary Spiritual Coaching, Spiritual Counselling and facilitating Personal and Spiritual Transformation Workshops.